We place ourselves as a gourmet burger restaurant offering our customers experimental burgers – thus the tagline No Boring Burgers. It’s NOT a place where you expect McD type of food offering with a piece of meat slapped with cheese and poured down with volumes of sauce and place between two breads.

Since Day 1 we only serve our customer premiumĀ grass fed sirloin beef that is imported from Australia. We do not mix anything into our meat patties such as bread flour, breadcrumbs etc to delude customer for itsĀ “big size” or “big portion”. Customers get pure 100% meat in every gram of our 100 grams patty. We also only use fat-less chicken breast meat for our chicken patty. Our buns are made from takesumi powder (bamboo charcoal – its benefits) that is imported from Japan. We use high grade cheese products that are imported from Holland but we also support local cheese makers in buying their Mozarella. All other ingredients in our food are purchased fresh from the local market almost daily.

We do not use any MSG, taste enhancers, food colorings etc in our food.

When customers dine at our place, we ensure that it’s real value that they are paying for and a chance to experience something different about what burgers can be.